People spend hours and hours on social networks, talking, sharing and discussing everything, like your brand/company or, at least, they could be.
WhiteKube helps you build your social media strategy and structure.

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What is?

Social Media is one big temptation. Having profiles in every social network is easy and free. The fact is that you need a lot more than that to create relationships, loyalty and buzz towards your brand or company.
Each network has its own purpose and target. Each company must analyze the best social networks according to its goals and specific targets.


Relationships is based on bilateral channels of communication and social media, when properly managed, is exactly that.
These are online platforms where you’re allowed to have full control of the information and content you publish interacting with social media users.
Users’ interaction is a positive fact you can manage for your company’s benefit.
Taking advantage of user-generated content is an important factor, that must be taken into serious consideration.
Being social allows your company to create trust, to build an informational channel, to apply a branding strategy, to implement a customer service platform or an extra lead generation channel, among other options.

How can we help you!

WhiteKube has the expertise to establish a social media strategy, defining which networks are more cost-effective and suitable to your business.
Creating the right content, coherent with your SEO strategy and editorial line is as important as having a profile on a social network.
Managing content and online conversations requires communication-related skills, but also insights about online interactions, platforms and users’ profiles.

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