Lead Generation keeps your “engine running”, i.e. Lead Generation keeps your business moving forward. It’s the process of creating interest in your target, making people to take a certain action.

Lead Generation & Digital Marketing Funnel terms

What is?

Lead generation is the proccess through which there are developed and implemented advertising campaings (but not only) to generate traffic to specific pages (as standalone pages or integrated on a website), in order to take people there that make a specific action – be it leave their contacts, app download, subscription of product or service, product simulation, or any other action that can be done.


Lead Generation goals are very clear – make people do a specific action. This can be a lot of things, depending on what is the objective and if it can be done online. The objective is to get a volume of qualified results, based on a performance based business model.

How can we help

Whitekube helps your business through the communication process to reach your goals (sales or collecting any other data).
Creating specific campaigns, with optimized Landing Pages and marketing campaigns (in the most suitable channels) focused on maximizing results, we help our clients by providing an efficient strategy to generate Leads and Sales.

Partnerships & programs Whitekube for Lead Generation